Marleine Chedraoui’s work explores the exhibition as a medium, while at the same time recurring upon it as the key format of her own artistic practice. She produces exhibitions that reflect on the various aspects and features of this medium, such as the means of communication, the site where the exhibition takes place, the protagonists acting in it, or the practice of curating. For her projects, she creates “exhibition-related works”: objects or installations that embody her artistic concerns. Whereas Marleine employs a variety of materials, the one matter she constantly recurs upon is text. She usually picks texts from the internet and assembles them into collages that in turn are applied onto objects.


13.06.-05.07.2020, 'Ich bin ein Verein', Karlsruhe

Aus meinem Skizzenbuch
2018 - ongoing

Ein Haufen von Spänen

08.09.2018, 200 Years Badischer Kunstverein // Jubilee Exhibition

49° – Cultural Production in Karlsruhe, Open Studios

[ˈsəːvIs] Present ٠ Perfect ٠ Continuous

29.05.-01.07.2018, IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art, Eupen (BE)

WERKBETRACTUNG Eine Umkreisung in vier Akten

25.06.-29.08.2015, Kunstverein Gera

15.-25.05.2014, Tor 13, Bremen

sur veil
30.11.2013, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin