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mutus mutus mutus

mutus litterae

mutus mutus mutus

mutus littera

mutus mutus mutus


Conceived as an exhibition, mutus… can at the same time be understood as a group of works. Its material are emails, most of them exhibition announcements from art institutions distributed globally from an internet platform to their newsletter subscribers. Marleine Chedraoui redacted them by making selected text passages, words and/or letters disappear. All marks like punctuation or other marks remain entirely as they appeared in the emails. The emails (hereafter referred to as “letters”) are then given new forms and are exhibited in different ways. The title of each individual work comprises a specific title as well as the title of the exhibition/group of works. A signet developed especially for the exhibition identifies the works. The works can be shown individually or presented as a solo exhibition. A selection of the nineteen works are introduced below.

con|ju|gai|son [fig.] [LING.], 2017/2021

DAS Buch, 2017-2021

Meine linke Seite ist in Washington und wo die rechte ist, weiß ich nicht., 2017/2019

Erklinge ...!, 2017-2021

Lait Champs Deux …, 2017-2021

The project was funded by a scholarship from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts.

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