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WERKBETRACHTUNG Eine Umkreisung in vier Akten

25 June-19 August 2015, Kunstverein Gera

1. Akt: Der erkundende Körper

25 June-11 July 2015

2. Akt: Solo

16-25 July 2015

3. Akt: Übergang
30 July-08 August 2015

4. Akt: Weiße Räume verlassen
13-29 Augutst 2015

The exhibition WERKBETRACHTUNG Eine Umkreisung in vier Akten consists of four parts, dubbed acts. A specific selection of pieces from a series of works by Sebastian Stumpf runs through all four installments as a constant: These were exhibited without alteration throughout the entire duration of the project. With each act however, their presentation was accompanied by a different range of additional exhibits, thus correlating the core selection with other works, sometimes by other artists.

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