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Tempus [Text], 2023

244 pages
14,8 × 10,5 × 1,4 cm

Tempus [Text] is an edition on Marleine Chedraoui's work Tempus, 2021-2022:


Over a period of 120 days, Chedraoui created a daily collection of texts from article headings. The articles are those suggested by an internet provider upon the opening of a new tab in the browser. Out of the collection of such text over a single day, Chedraoui developed a one-sentence collage. All 120 one-sentence collages were bound into a tear-off block. The tear-off block is exhibited in a vitrine. Throughout the run of the exhibition, the curator tears off one sheet at a time before the public, each of which is then framed and hung on the wall of the exhibition space.

In this non-activatable, non-perforated edition, Tempus [Text], the 120 one-sentence collages are printed.

The 120 one-sentence collages are printed in this non-activatable, non-perforated edition, Tempus [Text].

Tempus [Text] has been nominated for the Prix Bob Calle.

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