Film stills

Relics Of The Unrealised

Film without sound, 47:00

Marleine Chedraoui had been invited to develop a concept for an exhibition dealing with the topic of institutional critique. During the exhibition, text collages were to be handwritten onto a wall of the exhibition space by the directors of various art institutions. The textual material for these collages was to originate from the institutions of the participating directors. The participation of the artist in the exhibition was revoked, however, because the director of the inviting institution “through such a request did not want to risk garnering negative feedback from the directors of the other institutions”.

The resulting work Relics Of The Unrealised WRITING is a film documenting the artist herself transferring a text she had already finished for one of the institutions onto a wall. The camera follows her hand during the execution.


© Marleine Chedraoui/VG-Bildkunst/2020