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Aus meinem Skizzenbuch
KAGS64HH, 2019

31 ×  fine art print on Hahnemühle paper, framed
each 30
× 40 cm / 40 × 30 cm

For the first and eponymous work of the group, a selection of photographs from the archive was processed. Next to these is the barcode (GLN/GTIN) under which the artist is „uniquely identifiable worldwide“. The individual prints carry an additional title: The number assigned by the smartphone to the original photograph. Some of the prints were blind embossed / deep embossed on the surface of the image motif.


The work grows continuously. The composition of the prints can vary from presentation to presentation. These are individually marked, as in this case: KAGS64HH, 2019.

Aus meinem Skizzenbuch

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